Advertising Rates

The cost to be listed on New York Jewelry is as low as $10.00 a month. is the only New York Jewelry listing for Jewelry businesses on the Web. The site maintains an updated and searchable list of businesses that want to advertise to Internet customers.

If you choose to be a member our graphic coordinator will design a custom one page web ad for FREE. Our annual plan costs $120 a year and includes web hosting fees, site maintenance, and advertising expenses. A bargain when compared to the Yellow Pages at a cost of $195 monthly.

We are a full service Internet shop and have many custom plans as well. We can add catalogs online or even setup a full shop online service with secure server and credit card processing. Contact us at the phone number below for more information. Banner ads are also available. We place only a few banner ads monthly so space is limited. We do not use scrolling banners, so if you purchase the space you are sure to see only your ad in the banner. We also offer banner ads on subsequent pages. (example our search engines pages)

Enjoy the site and your shopping experience.