Diamond Care & Cleaning: Ensuring Your Jewelry Sparkles

Diamonds, while incredibly durable, require proper care and cleaning to maintain their brilliance and sparkle. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you keep your precious gemstone jewelry in pristine condition.

Daily Care Tips

  • Wipe After Wearing: After wearing your diamond jewelry, wipe it thoroughly with a clean, soft, damp cloth. This removes any oils, lotions, or dirt that may have accumulated, enhancing its luster.
  • Proper Storage: Store your diamond jewelry in a soft pouch or a fabric-lined jewelry box with compartments. This prevents scratches and damage.

Precautions for Everyday Activities

  • Avoid Rough Work: Even though diamonds are hard, they can be chipped by a hard blow. Remove your diamond jewelry when doing rough work or activities that could impact the stone.
  • Keep Away from Chemicals: Chlorine bleach and other household chemicals can damage and discolor the mounting of your diamond jewelry. Avoid contact with such substances.

Regular Maintenance

  • Annual Check-Up: Visit your local jeweler at least once a year to have your diamond jewelry checked for loose settings and worn mountings. This prevents loss or damage to the gemstones.

Safe Storage

  • Individual Wrapping: If you use ordinary boxes for storage, wrap each piece individually in tissue paper. This prevents them from scratching each other.
  • Avoid Jumbling: Don’t jumble your diamond pieces in a drawer or jewelry case, as diamonds can scratch other jewelry and even each other.

Traveling with Diamonds

  • Special Carryalls: Use carryalls designed for jewelry travel. These come in various sizes and styles, often with velvet pads and special compartments to secure your pieces.
  • Jewelry Cleaner on the Go: Pack a small plastic bottle of jewelry cleaner with your travel cosmetics for quick touch-ups.

Everyday Handling

  • Mind the Sink: Don’t leave your ring on the rim of a sink when washing your hands. It can easily slip down the drain.
  • Avoid Smudges: Lotions, powders, soaps, and natural skin oils can dull your diamond’s brilliance. Handle your jewelry by its edges to avoid smudges.

Cleaning Methods

Diamonds can get smudged and soiled from everyday wear. Clean diamonds allow the maximum amount of light to enter and return, creating their signature fiery brilliance. Here are four effective ways to clean your diamonds:

  1. Warm Soapy Water
    • Prepare a small bowl of warm suds with mild liquid detergent.
    • Brush the pieces gently with an eyebrow brush while they are in the suds.
    • Transfer the jewelry to a wire tea strainer and rinse under running water.
    • Pat dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  2. Cold Water Soak
    • Mix a half-and-half solution of cold water and household ammonia in a cup.
    • Soak the pieces for 30 minutes.
    • Lift out and gently tap around the back and front of the mounting with an old, soft toothbrush.
    • Swish in the solution once more and drain on tissue paper.
  3. Quick-Drip Method
    • Purchase a brand-name liquid jewelry cleaner kit.
    • Follow the label instructions carefully.
    • Avoid touching clean diamonds with your fingers; handle jewelry by its edges.
  4. Ultrasonic Cleaner
    • Use an ultrasonic cleaner, which uses high-frequency turbulence to clean jewelry.
    • Fill the metal cup with water and detergent as instructed.
    • Turn on the machine for a quick, thorough cleaning.
    • Each machine is different, so read the instructions carefully before use.


With a little regular care and attention, your diamond jewelry will continue to dazzle for years to come. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your precious pieces remain as brilliant and beautiful as the day you first wore them.