Our Commitment

As a commitment to our Jewelry advertisers, TAGRAFX will promote the New York Jewelry site extensively. This means listing our site address in local newspapers, trade journals, and various web-advertising sources. This is part of our commitment to you the NewYorkJewelry.com member. There is no additional cost as we are partners based on your membership agreement. We also maintain current exposure with all major search engines to ensure good placement of our site during searches. Additionally our site is registered with local web sites such as: Yahoo’s NYC “local” shopping, Microsoft’s NY.Sidewalk.com, NYClinks.com and JewelryBot. We will be buying advertising on other NY specific sites.

Quarterly TAGRAFX will mail a newsletter informing its members of our efforts to promote the New York Jewelry site. It will contain the number of visitors we received during the month as well.

This is our commitment to our members.

Enjoy the site and your shopping experience.